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      A Brief Introduction to Qianjin Brand Huzhou Writing Brushes The Huzhou writing brush, famous for its outstanding excellence, has a history of over two thousand years. Our company maintains the traditional features of "pure materials and fine crafts." The products all have tips that are pointed and uniform in length. As well they are all round, durable, hard and soft in combination, and handy; a truly unique style. There are nearly 500 varieties of the Qianjin Brand writing brushes divided into three categories, which sell well in painting and calligraphy houses, tourist stores and stationery shops throughout China including Hong Kong and Macau, and also in Japan and Southeast Asia. Our company is a member of the Society of the Chinese Four Treasures of the Study. We sincerely hope you will find a handy and satisfying Qianjin Brand Huzhou writing brush.

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